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Key Elements of contact... Counselling Services in School


Confidentiality is one of the core principles of BACP Code of Ethics and Working Practice. It enables a trusting relationship to develop. It allows the young person to share feelings and worries without fear of blame or reprisal. Teachers are in 'loco parentis' and have certain responsibilities. Teachers will however understand that it is not necessarily in the pupil's interest for the counsellor to share information. Our confidentiality policy aims to provide counsellors, young people, and schools with clear guidance on confidentiality and the circumstances under which it may need to be broken. Counsellors working in schools work within a statutory framework and in accordance with the child protection policies of the school, contact... and the local authority.


Independence of the Counsellor in the School e.g. does not hold a dual role in School (teacher/counsellor). When pupils are faced with the worker in two roles, boundaries can become confused and responsibilities and accountability in the two roles can conflict.


Supervision is a formal arrangement for counsellors to be able to review and discuss their work, contact... recognizes the importance to have external clinical supervision available. Identified time for supervision is part of the terms and conditions of all contact... counsellor working in schools.


Information to young people, professionals, parents/carers and others
It is important that information is provided to young people about the counselling service. Young people themselves are best placed to advise on the most appropriate ways to do this. Information should also be available in the school prospectus, pastoral care handbook and information leaflets to parents.


Referrals: The referral process will vary according to individual school circumstances, but there is normally a 'link' person in the school's pastoral care team who liaises with the counsellor. Pupils can be referred to the counsellor by that person or through other agencies and other school staff. In addition to this process pupils should have the opportunity for self-referral to the counsellor. When this happens the counsellor would inform the 'link' person that the young person is attending counselling in order to explain their whereabouts in the school. Systems are needed to deal with young people missing lessons to attend sessions. Counsellors attempt to make the appointment system as discreet as possible.




contact... has a complaints procedure in place. Complaints are never ignored and are always taken seriously.


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