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contact... counselling service for schools started with a group of like minded counsellors, all experienced in working with young people joining together in a 'network' to fulfil a need in the County of Gloucestershire. Supporting young people experiencing emotional, behavioural and psychological distress at the earliest possible point of difficulty.


The emphasis of our way of working is on promoting and sustaining emotional health and wellbeing so that children and young people develop a resilience that will carry them through into their adult life.


Our approach is to customise our way of working to meet the needs of the client Those of us working with adolescents will recognise the difficulties of working with this particular age group, as they are in a transitional developmental phase. Interventions need to be specifically designed to help them manage emotional, behavioural and psychological problems, with their developmental processes understood and considered.


Our Counsellors are experienced, qualified, accredited, and have a thorough grounding and understanding in attachment and developmental behaviours. This enables our Counsellors to assess the individual needs of the young person and use interventions specifically tailored to engage the adolescent directly and actively.

The content of this site forms an introduction to the positive benefits a contact... counsellor can bring to your school.


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